What is your return policy?

Opened items return policy:
Opened items are non-refundable as our suppliers will not replace or refund opened items. We will, in rare cases, replace such items but will charge a 15% handling fee.
It is your responsibility to ensure you have purchased the correct item before opening it.

Faulty ink or toner return policy:
Suppliers and / or manufacturers will only replace / refund faulty ink or toner cartridges if it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that the cartridge is at fault. Nine out of ten times the printer is at fault and not the cartridges. We require the original invoice, proof of the fault and packaging to be presented. If all is in order, we will send the faulty item back to the manufacturer for testing. Once they have confirmed your item to be at fault we will then proceed with the refund or exchange.

Unopened items return policy:
Should you have purchased the wrong item and return it within seven (7) days accompanied by the original proof of purchase, we will gladly exchange the item, or refund you in full.