RJL Office - How to make your ink go further

It is no surprise to people buying printers these days that cheap printers equals expensive ink. Though the deal looks sweet, you will soon be spending much more on ink cartridges then you did on the printer.

What does an ink cartridge really cost?

The price is the obvious thing to look at when determining how much an ink cartridge will cost you at the end of the day. But a more accurate way of finding out the actual cost of the cartridge is by finding out the cost per page. Manufacturers will tell you the average page yield for that particular cartridge on their packaging, and you can also find it online. Just divide the page yield by the price you paid for the cartridge and the answer is your cost per page.

When comparing the CPP (cost per page) of standard yield cartridges as opposed to high yield cartridges you will find that high yield cartridges almost always have a lower CPP. So if you print a lot, I strongly advise buying yourself the high yield version of your cartridges.

If that is not enough on reducing the cost of your ink budget, you cannot get any lower than the cost per page of a re-manufactured ink or toner cartridge. You can easily save up to 50% when using re-manufactured cartridges. These cartridges have been taken apart and get totally refurbished and refilled and come with a satisfaction guarantee.


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